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The SC-30 tourist submarine has the capacity to transport up to 28 passengers (and 2 crew) to a diving location, dive to a depth of up to 30 meters, explore the underwater world, surface and return to port all under its own diesel or electric power. The SC-30 submersible is approximately 19 meters long, 6 meters wide and weighs 60 tons.

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The submarine is equipped with all the necessary safety equipment required by its classifications and national rules. Water depth at the diving site should for safety reasons not exceed the classified maximum depth of the submarine.


Tourist submarines are not built to navigate independently which is why it needs a Surface Tender to control the surface traffic and to give submarine surfacing permission. The tender is equipped with both Through Water Communication (TWC) unit and VHF, with which it can communicate with the submarine, divers and other boats in the area.


It is the only class of submarine designed with convinient horizontal entry. The sub is equiped with 14 viewports allowing for comfortable viewing for up to 28 passengers. Additionally, each viewport has 2 video monitors providing real time views from 6 cameras installed on the exterior.