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DownUnder Submarine tours are the first of its kind underwater attraction proposed in Australia for the shores of Sunshine Coast.

A tourist submarine is a top-level tourist attraction from which passengers are offered a unique view of the endangered underwater world which would otherwise be only accessible through the use of scuba outfits which require extensive training programs.

Passengers of any age and physical conditions can enjoy a comfortable and safe experience that is so unique it boasts a 95+% satisfaction level.

Tourist submarines themselves are entirely non-polluting with battery powered electric thrusters that emit no hydrocarbons or other effluents. The submarines operate at low speeds and are extraordinary maneuverable to ensure that they never come in contact with coral reefs or marine life.


DownUnder Submarines Pty. Ltd. is a step up from the Tour Operator “Reef Jet Tours“, which has been providing Whale Watching cruises on the Gold Coast for the last three years. As result, we have highly professional crew and networking in place. Additionally, our crew undertakes specific Submarine Pilot and maintenance training program provided by the Submarine supplier based overseas and in Australia.


Borja Oreol (Spain)

Submarine designer / engineer, Technical assistance

Jonathan Newman (Canada) 

Director Underwater Vehicles Inc. 26 years experience in the Submarine Tourism business, Business advisor.





Andrey Alexeenko - Director, 8 years in business with hands on experience in the Marine Industry, former professional athlete, coach and a teacher.

Pablo Caneda - Submarine Pilot / Engineer and Skipper, 16 yeas experience with Submarines.

Paula Martinez - Submarine Pilot / Skipper, 11 years experience in Marine Industry.

Nizam Itashev - Chief of Maintenance / Engineer, 5 years experience as Submarine Navy officer.

Alexander Ostrowitzki - Diver / Videographer and Marine Ecologist, 10 years experience in sub-sea video production.

Sasha Alexeenko - IT / Marketing, multimedia experience, Masters degree in Architecture.